Sunday, 9 April 2017

Libra Full Moon on 11th April 2017

The Moon is Fullest in Libra (21 degrees) on Tuesday 11th April at 7am London time conjunct Jupiter. So the usual stranger dreams than usual and heightened emotions and sensitivity is likely. As the Sun in Aries is conjunct Uranus in opposition to Libra Moon conjunct Jupiter, optimism or erratic mood swings may be felt strongly. Libra is ruled by Venus the planet of love and creativity. So exaggerated feelings of love and a desire for harmony and balance in relationships is possible on the plus side.
Venus and Mercury are retrograde though. So however strongly one's desire to change things may be, it's wisest to think or plan but delay rather than act now. Jupiter is quite a forward thinking planet so reviewing and feeling a desire to change the future may be strong. Wait a few weeks and see if you still feel that way and then wait a bit longer to be sure. Libra can be notoriously indecisive like Pisces.Libra Full Moon opposition Uranus with Venus retrograde could manifest as a sudden or full on desire to create or return to a past love or passion is possible(Venus retrograde). Don't worry if old memories have been returning in the past month with Venus retrograde and especially in the last several days with the waxing Moon, or dreams about past relationships (Libra Full Moon, Venus retrograde) which may be confusing or unsettling. Understand these are just a few possible influences.
Mercury Retrograde in Taurus begins tomorrow on 9th April until 4th May, so be prepared for the usual slowing of time, miscommunications, misunderstandings, travel disruptions, delays and machinery breakdowns to continue until around 20th May. Hold off buying new items if possible as you may need to return them. Read any small print extra carefully before signing documents during Mercury Retrograde or get important verbal communications in email too, as a back up. Repeat appointment times and dates to be sure there are no misunderstandings. Taurus is creative but practical and a sign that needs security. Mercury Retrograde in Taurus could be experienced as thinking about creative ways to make money or use one's resources, re working projects, rewriting creative pieces, reviewing building work or replanning garden landscapes, re recording samples or reviewing financial or physical security as just a few examples.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Full Moon in Virgo 12th March 2017

Full Moon in Virgo 22 degrees on 12th March 2017 at 2:53pm, London. The usual general Full Moon effects of insomnia, broken sleep, weird dreams, increased emotions (anger, upset, restlessness, impatience, feeling crazier) are all possible. Virgo is an earthy, practical, reliable, diligent, intelligent, analytical, sign which has a tendency to be shy, modest, over worry, be perfectionist (even OCD), with excess nervous energy. Virgo can also be a harsh critic (of one self, as well of others). Virgo is ruled by Mercury and as Mercury, the planet of thoughts and communication (in Pisces) is square Saturn, a harsh inner voice directed at oneself, negative thoughts, words or criticisms towards others or oneself is possible. Things may seem a lot worse than they are with this Full Moon whose effects may feel strongest for the next four or five days. And with serious Saturn square this Moon additional feelings of worry and unworthiness may consume people. As Chiron the planet of wounds is close to Mercury in Pisces and Venus is retrograde, old painful thoughts or nostalgic memories from the past may keep resurfacing. Be aware these are just influences you can rise above. Whenever there is a Full Moon it is opposite the Sun which is presently in Pisces. There may be a pull between reality (Virgo) and dreams (Pisces). Venus is also Retrograde until April 15th so re viewing love, appearance, aesthetics, creativity and finances (all Venusian areas) are all possible. Retrograde periods cause us to go inwards and reflect, to look back and re evaluate. During this Full Moon period with Mercury square Saturn and the Moon opposite the Sun, Mercury and Chiron in Pisces any big conversations may be wiser to delay for at least four days, after things have cleared. Pluto in positive trine to this Virgo Moon should help release, clear out, cleanse and transform any deep negative emotions. And once a week has passed hopefully many people will feel ready to look at new things they wish to do and achieve moving toward the New Moon in Aries on 27th, full of gusto, excitement and energy.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

26th February 2017 Solar Eclipse, New Moon in Pisces

On Sunday 26th February at 2:58 pm (London time) there is a Solar Eclipse, Pisces New Moon at 8 degrees. New Moons are a good time for clearing, setting new intentions or for inventing new chapters. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Neptune, South Node and Chiron will all be in Pisces which is a sweet, mutable, dreamy, sensitive sign notorious for being passive, confused or indecisive. Solar Eclipses are a powerful opportunity to harness the New Moon energy to catalyse change. A solar eclipse is when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth. This Pisces Solar Eclipse is about the creative force of imagination, nostalgia (especially as conjunct the South Node) and higher consciousness. If you want to access sacred inspiration and transcend the mundane, musical or artistic sources may assist. Leonardo de Vinci and Michaelangelo were both born with their Moons in Pisces in the first decan (within 10 degrees) so are good examples to highlight the stroke of creative and imaginative genius that is possible with first Decan Moon in Pisces. It is also a mystical, spiritual New Moon which suggests to even dream, fantasise or creatively visualise new possibilities (even if undecided exactly where you want to go), is a a good start. It is important to remind you that Neptune the ruler of Pisces is a strong influence which means idealism, sensitivity, sentimentality and poetic longings are possible. With Mars, Venus and Uranus in fiery Aries in opposition to Jupiter in Libra, extreme passion, ardour or excitement may also be experienced. Mars in opposition to Jupiter could be felt as daring, go getting energy quite different to the Pisces emphasis during this Solar Eclipse. It really depends how this passionate or sexual energy is directed. Mars conjunct Uranus could be quite electric or innovative. So a 'hit' song could be written quickly, a poet or artist could be struck by 'the muse' and produce a spontaneous work of beauty or some people may simply feel restless, anticipation in the air but not know what to do with this energy, to name but a few examples.It's important to mention the potential negative side of Pisces energy ie negative escapism, victim mentality but hopefully this solar eclipse clearing will allow any one so inclined to imagine change or what they wish to break free especially with the helpful Mars, Uranus in Aries aspect.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Full Lunar Eclipse in Leo 10th February 2017 & Jupiter Retrograde in Libra 6th Feb until 9th June 2017

Jupiter turned Retrograde on Monday 6th February in Libra (planet of balance and justice) and will remain Retrograde until 9th June 2017. Remember Retrograde planets are about re visiting or going inwards, although Jupiter is an outward, future orientated planet linked to good fortune, philosophy, growth and expansion. Jupiter can be greedy, addictive, excessive or prone to exaggeration. So this Jupiter Retrograde period could be a positive time or opportunity to look within, to learn lessons with wisdom and grace, to open mindedly re evaluate our beliefs or philosophies, to recognise or re address any out of control habits which could be worked on and moved forward with, especially when Jupiter goes direct from June up until September even. Be aware though if goals are unrealistic, greedy or deceitful during this Retrograde period this could result in loss or disappointment. The Moon has been waxing for the last several days and will be at it's fullest on Friday 10th February at 22 degrees, 12.32 am UK time. It is a Full Lunar Eclipse where the Earth is between the Moon and the Sun. Lunar eclipses can be three times more powerful than a Full Moon and it's influences can potentially be experienced up to three months after. Lunar Eclipses are a great time for cathartic experiences for releasing and clearing, for cleansing and detoxifying. As always it really depends on your personal birth chart and where this Lunar Eclipse transits natally. Crazy or vivid dreams, bad sleep, extreme emotions, increased sensitivity etc is likely for most people. As Leo is a creative, proud, playful, generous, courageous, enthusiastic, organised sign, people could demonstrate these characteristics if they're effected by this Full Moon but on the flip side Leo energy can be pompous, bossy, patriotic, snobbish, conceited and ego driven. This Lunar Eclipse in Leo is in a positive grand fire trine with Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries so exciting surprises are possible (from the Moon trine Uranus) courage can be fortified (from the Moon trine Saturn) a desire for excitement, drama, innovation or rebellion is possible (from Moon trine Uranus) but overall with this Full Lunar Eclipse in Leo and Jupiter Retrograde in Libra, a drive for truth, wisdom and enlightenment will shine through for many over the coming months. There will be a Solar Eclipse in Leo on 21st August so many positive changes could occur from now until then. The next eclipse is a Solar one in Pisces on 26th February which will be a lovely healing, compassionate, intuitive one which should help many move forward after experiencing a flair up of old wounds or painful memories from the past being re opened even psychologically (Chiron conjunct South Node in Pisces)

Saturday, 28 January 2017

New Moon in Aquarius, 28th January 2017

Today's New Moon in Aquarius at 8 degrees (Saturday 28th January at 12:07 am) Aquarius energy is original, rebellious, freedom loving, sociable and humanitarian. With the Sun and Moon in Aquarius it could feel like a breath of fresh air for some after serious Capricorn energy, although Venus square Saturn could have a dampening effect or make some feel like they're unappreciated or left out in the cold. Aquarius can be quite aloof. Of course sometimes those that appear cold or unaffectionate are shy or fear rejection. The Aquarius New Moon with Venus, Mars, Chiron and Neptune in Pisces is quite an idealistic, mystical, dreamy, combination. So with no major serious aspects it's a pleasant New Moon and of course it's the Chinese New Year now in the sign of the Fire Rooster. Happy New Year too all who are celebrating this holiday.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Full Moon in Cancer Thursday 12th January 2017

Although Mercury goes direct today it will still feel like it's Mercury Retrograde for about the next two weeks and two days. In fact don't be surprised if you experience some chaos this week not just from Mercury (delays, travel disruptions, technolgical weirdnesses, miscommuncications or misunderstandings) but also with the waxing Moon in Gemini in square to Venus, Mars and Neptune in Pisces. It's a restless, fickle energy. A desire to be social may be strong and yet it will feel like a million things need to be done, there isn't enough time and you simultaneously want to hibernate or retreat from people. This week's Capricorn Sun in square to erratic Uranus adds to this kinetic energy The waxing Moon which is at it's fullest, in Cancer, this Thursday 12th at 11.33am UK time will be felt by many from today through to next Monday inclusive. The Moon is ruled by Cancer and being a water, emotional sign, it's a powerful Full Moon. Crazy dreams, broken sleep, sentimental memories, outbursts of howling with laughter and bursting into tears, increased sensitivity are all possible influences. As Thursday's Cancerian Full Moon is square Uranus, feelings of insecurity, restlessness or being unrooted are exacerbated. Cancer is a homely, family orientated, traditional sign, so many of you may simply wish to be at home, curled up in your protective environment. This Moon also square Jupiter (the planet of expansion) could mean exaggerated emotions, extreme reactions felt or displayed or extreme opinions may be voiced. People with children effected by the Full Moon may find their little ones are clingier, more needy or more up and down emotionally. Cancerians will be especially effected or anyone with a Cancerian Moon or Ascendant. Take care any gamblers out there as a desire to gamble or take risks is higher but it's better to wait until after next Tuesday to see if you still feel like jumping on the roller coaster which has many downs and may leave you feeling sick once you stop and get back to normality/solid ground. Thursday 19th's Mars in challenge to Saturn again highlights that self control is important. Just be sensible folks. Friday 13th's movement of Mercury into Capricorn will aid more steadier thinking.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

New Moon in Capricorn 28th December 2016

Today's New Moon in Capricorn 28th December 2016 conjunct Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn equals a good time to re think objectives and new ideas. Moon conjunct Mercury adds intuition (Moon) to thought processes (Mercury) and Moon conjunct Mercury can help clearer thinking, so make the most of these few days of clarity during this Mercury Retrograde period. New ways of making money or focusing on ambitions are good for a Capricorn New Moon. Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces is a lovely, a spiritual, visionary aspect and in positive aspect to this New Moon suggests magic can happen aided by creative visualisation helping to manifest things. Jupiter in opposition to Uranus is an exciting aspect that will feature in 2017. Uranus is the planet of breakthroughs and bolts out of the blue, innovative, original energy that can help push up forward with fortuitous Jupiter which is all about the future, the bigger picture and expansion. Sudden changes in fortune, big radical ideas, searching for truth and deeper meaning are all possibilities with this influence. Saturn trine this Uranus will help anchor and ground any shifts. Inventive energy with the ability to practically apply is indicated with this New Moon and connected influences. So a positive New Moon, all in all.